Project // Asian Cultural Complex
Scope // Preliminary Design
Size // 142.000 sqm
Client // Executive Agency for Cultural Cities
Consultant // n.n.
Location // Gwangju / South Korea
Status // n.n.
Year // 2005

The Asian Cultural Complex is an administration and cultural center for historic work as well as development of contemporary Korean culture. The site is situated between the city center with office high-rises and the typical urban structure of small scale housing.

The Asian Cultural Complex consist of four essential institutions, the "Asian Artplex" for theatre, concerts and performances, the "Children’s Museum" for cultural education, "Asian Culture Creation Center" for the support and production of contemporary art and the "Asian Culture Center" as research institute for Korean culture. All four institutions have to function independently but form together the Asian Cultural Complex.

To provide the independence of the institutions and maintain their coherence we proposed four separated building volumes which relate to the high-rise buildings of the city center and connect them by the public spaces for the visitors. The extended public ground floor continues through the four buildings and various levels and provides access to the different cultural amenities. Consequently the relation between public and private uses has a multitude of interfaces and makes the work of the Asian Cultural Complex tangible.


Team: Wilfried Hackenbroich and Rainer Mühr with Sandra Schneider, Frank Stache and Jesko-Malkolm Johnsson-Zahn