Project // Jeongok Prehistory Museum
Scope // Preliminary Design
Size // 5.200 sqm
Client // Provinz Gyeonggi
Consultant // n.n.
Location // Jeongok-ri / South Korea
Status // n.n.
Year // 2006

The Jeongok Prehistory Museum is located in the Hantan River Park. With the discovery of the Aecheulian Hand Axe, the neighbored excavation site is considered as one of the most important Palaeolithic sites in world archaeology. Besides the presentation of artefacts the museum should give an insight to the excavation work and be an entrance to the landscape of the river Hantan.

The site is located on a slope and connects the park at the river with the excavation site. The idea is to extrapolate the existing landscape with a building that intensifies the landscape instead of reshaping it. By the manipulation of the gentle slope a path through the museum is created. It connects all public areas such as ticket office, exhibition, museum shop, lecture hall, café and restaurant.
The actual exhibition space is at the level of the entrance and continues into the hill to descend the visitors into the historic layers of the excavation hill. The exhibition space embedded in the ground, provides the spatial experience of the excavation pits.


Team: Wilfried Hackenbroich and Rainer Mühr with Aleksandra Potapczuk and Christoph Kettelhoit

International Competition - Merit Award

World Architecture Award 2006