Project // Nam June Paik Museum
Scope // Preliminary Design
Size // 5.000 sqm
Client // Kyonggi Cultural Foundation
Consultant // Media Consultance: Karen Wong
Location // Yongin City / South Korea
Status // n.n.
Year // 2003

Situated in the cultural park of Sanggal, the museum is part of a cultural landscape of various institutions, added to the International Centre of Culture and Art in the Province of Kyonggi. Out of the special demands of the museum, the content and the context, we proposed a museum that fluctuates between building, topography and interface.

The building consists of a single volume that is transformed by the topography, the program and a media surface. This single volume is integrated into and shaped by the landscape; it is only partially revealed to the outside. The volume provides a new landscape and adopts the qualities and conditions of the existing landscape. To accommodate the program, the volume is shaped, distorted and manipulated, it extrudes out of the landscape and leaves openings where the landscape enters the volume. Inside the single volume we established a network of functions with the most important programs as nodes. These nodes are located in the public part of the museum and will be embraced by a service zone at the perimeter of the volume.


Team: Wilfried Hackenbroich and Rainer Mühr with Sandra Blei, Matthias Povel, Katja Schümann