Project // Hairdresser Shop
Scope // All Phases
Size // 50 sqm
Client // Karin Kiegelmann and Marianne Brinschwitz
Consultant // Light Consultancy: maßlich, Berlin
Location // Frechen / Köln
Status // Realised
Year // 2008

For the hairdresser shop Haarwerk in Cologne, Germany the light installation has become a main spatial feature. Seventy-five lamps emerge from a central point of the space and reach out into the room. A cloud of lights expands through the store. With the visible wires they form a spatial texture like a distorted chandelier. The lights can be controlled and dimmed in five circles to allow a smooth transition of various illuminated conditions.

The over all organization of the store was challenged by the spatial limitation of the old factory building. To maintain a coherent spatial experience while accommodating all functional areas, we decided to “extrude” the enclosed functional areas from the back-wall. The surface of the wall “remained” on the volumes / furniture while the other surfaces “merged” with the floor. Through this manipulation we gained an articulation of the volumes in one direction and a camouflage of the volumes in elevation with a simple appearance from the outside.

Team: Wilfried Hackenbroich and Rainer Mühr