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Project // Restaurant / Shop and Exhibtion
Scope // Preliminary Design
Size // 850 sqm
Client // Coney Island Development Corporation
Consultant // n.n.
Location // Coney Island / New York / USA
Status // n.n.
Year // 2005

The main objective for  this project was the reactivation of the Coney Island theme park. The goal was to relate the historic structure of the Parachute Tower with the public area of the water front walk programmatically and spatially.

As a direct continuation we use the same wood of the water front walk  and the public space are brought seamlessly into the building. The event space, exhibition space, restaurant and the cafe form a continuity of public functions from the ground floor to the upper floor. The service spaces and the administration are separated from the public functions. A multitude of visual connections to the Parachute Tower, water front walk and the other buildings of the theme park  expand the pavilion into the context. 


Team: Wilfried Hackenbroich and Rainer Mühr